5 Avo Dishes To Try in Melbourne

Get it in ya

Avocado on toast has long been a staple vegan breakfast. However, there are now so many fun and exciting ways to enjoy this magical ingredient. Here are five avocado dishes you have to go try in Melbourne:

Health Self Co – signature avo smash
It’s time to get smashed! Hit up Healthy Self Co for a serve of their signature edamame, pea, and lemon zest AVO smash. It’s got all your favourites made vegan including marinated feta, a fried egg and lemon cashew drizzle. You’ll be licking the plate, it’s just that good.

Conscious Cravings Co. – NOM-lette with guacamole
This next dish is about to GUAC your world. Introducing Conscious Cravings Co famous NOM-elette! This cruelty-free classic is stuffed with mushies, spinach, broccolini, tomatoes, and cheese and served with a generous side of fresh guacamole. Just AVO look at that.

Wombat Cafe – breaky bowl
You know you’re gonna AVO good weekend after a trip to Wombat Cafe. Their breaky bowl is packed with goodies including tofu scramble, crispy potatoes, fermented veg, vegan sausages, crispy kale, mushrooms, and of course, a hunky chunk of avo. This is one smashing good feed!

Admiral Cheng Ho – smashed avo
Say HASS queen because we’ve found another epic avo dish to add to your list. This smashed avo dish from Admiral Cheng Ho is out of this world. It’s got some much green goodness and the avocado is stacked nice and high. Holy guacamole, we need this now!

Token Toasties – cheese and avo toastie
All you need is LOAF…and a serving of Token Toasties’ 3 cheese and avo toastie with a side of crispy onion rings. Picture two pieces of bread packed with truffle oil, mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and avocado. Trust us, it really is as good as it sounds. This week’s lunch plans are now sorted.