5 Avo Dishes To Try in Sydney

get it in ya

Avocado on toast has long been a staple vegan breakfast. However, there are now so many fun and exciting ways to enjoy this magical ingredient. Here are five avocado dishes you have to go try in Sydney:

Mejico, CBD – table-smashed guac with plantain chips
This next dish is about to GUAC your world. Mejico is making guacamole GOURMET with their table-smashed guac served with plantain chips. That’s right – this avocado masterpiece will be made right in front of your eyes. In goes the red onion, chilli & lime, and out comes the freshest guacamole you could dream of. Enjoy with a cheeky margarita (or three) and let the night live on…

Smalls Deli – AL GREEN sandwich
All you need is LOAF…and a serving of Smalls Deli’s AL GREEN sando. Picture a panini packed with kale puree, avocado, iceberg, granny smith apple, alfalfa, pepita, and vegan green goodness. Trust us, it really is as good as it sounds. Consider this week’s lunch plans sorted.

Buddha Bowl Cafe – nacho burrito
What do you get when you combine two of the world’s greatest foods? Introducing the new NACHO BURRITO from Buddha Bowl Cafe This epic breakfast snack tastes like a Mexican fiesta in your mouth. Every bite will leave you wanting more and wishing you’d ordered an extra side of AVO. PS: yes, it has corn chips inside!

Cuckoo Callay – potato croquet in an avocado bun
Say HASS queen because Cuckoo Callay has a dedicated AVOCADO MENU! This avo-fuelled menu has some super tasty vego options such as the spiced potato croquet in an avocado burger bun. It’s innovative, exciting, and 100% DELISH. Save us a bite.

7th Heaven – smashed avo with vegan egg
You know you’re gonna AVO good weekend after a trip to 7th Heaven Cafe. Their VEGAN smashed avo will literally take you to heaven with its mouth-watering miso dressing, chimichurri, homemade dukkah, and tofu feta. Be sure to also add on a vegan poached egg that looks and tastes just like the real thing. This is one smashing good feed.