5 Best Vegan Cheese Brands

Our Top Picks

Giving up cheese is one of the top reasons stopping people from transitioning to a plant-based diet. However, there are so many vegan cheeses on the market now that are just as awesome as the real thing. Meet our top five vegan cheese brands:

Hello Friends Food
Give a wave to Hello Friends Food. The legends behind this brand have invented a cheese that’s ethical, honest and delicious. A win-win situation for all! Their handcrafted cheeses are completely nut and gluten-free, setting them apart from most vegan nut-based cheeses. If you’re looking to impress, we recommend getting a slab of their fresh mozzarella and halloumi. Available for purchase via their online shop.

Vegan Dairy
Fruit and pistachio, Persian feta, chilli chives…we’re drooling over all the delicious cheese flavours available from the creative geniuses The Vegan Dairy. These masterminds have nailed the taste, texture and presentation of all their cheeses, and you might just find yourself eating it by the spoon. Cheese to that! Find it in your local Harris Farm.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese…especially when they’re from Artisa. Their simple cheeses celebrate the flavours of Tasmania and you’ll find some funky flavourings including pepper berry, vine ash and fennel pollen. They look good, taste good and are good for you. We can guarantee these cheeses will get you talking. You can find them at The Vegan Grocery Store (in Glebe or Fitzroy)

Hip hip hoorYAY! If you need cheese to impress your non-vegan mates, then serve them up some of Yay Foods Vegan marinated vegan feta with garlic and rosemary. This feta has taken the vegan cheese world by storm with its tangy zest and melt-in-the-mouth texture. It really doesn’t get much feta than this! Available from The Vegan Grocery Store.

Spice up your next cheese board with some of Dilectio Gourmet’s rich and creamy cashew-based cheeses. You can’t go past the ashed chèvre or classic camembert. The unmistakable dairy cheese flavour will trick your friends into thinking that they’re eating the real thing. Cheese the day by serving it up on your next spread. Find them in select Harris Farm stores.