5 Best Vegan Chocolates

Treat Yo'self!

Chocolate is no joke. We’d have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we could. Here are our top five vegan chocolate brands to support:

Treat Dreams
Treat dreams are made of this … Satisfy your sweet tooth with some of Treat Dreams’ cruelty-free chocolates. They make all your favourites but with a vegan twist, and using fair and direct trade chocolate. If you can only pick one thing, make sure to try the cream egg, but there are tons of chocolate bars, bears, boxes, and boozy chocs for you to check out too. You’ll be left wanting a chocoLOT more.

Pana Organic
Do not PANAic! We’ve got another planet-friendly chocolate recommendation for you to try. Pana Organic is one of the OG players in the vegan chocolate world. They now sell a delicious range of chocolate, frozen desserts, spreads, baking products, and drink blends. With flavours like peanut caramel, strawberry and pistachio, and golden comb, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice. We love them and we know you will too!

Loco Love
We’ve got a whole LOCO love for Loco Love Chocolate. Their chocolates combine decadent indulgence with high-vibe health consciousness to create chocolate with benefits. Everything is organic, refined sugar-free, vegan, and made with good vibrations. Go for their hazelnut praline and butter caramel pecan, or spice things up with their chocolate chilli hearts. No matter what you choose, you’ll feel a burst of love and joy in every bite.

Our next PICkO for top quality vegan chocolate is from the legends at Pico Chocolate. Pico lives and breathe the art of chocolate and has made a range of premium choccies like you’ve never tasted before. Their classic sea salt and salted caramel are hard to go past but the super dark with 85% cocoa is definitely worth a try. The ultimate treat yourself (because you definitely deserve it)!

Loving Earth
We can’t say no to a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate block from Loving Earth These masterminds are determined to deliver healthy indulgence in a way that is good for the planet. Their choccie blocks are organic and plant-based, plus they go the extra mile by making them in a solar-powered factory and wrapping them in compostable packaging. They’ve got lemon cheesecake chocolate bars, cashew mylk eggs, chocolate cluster buckinis, hazelnut chocolate butter, drinking chocolate…you name it. There’s something for every day of the week!