The Guide

World wide vegan guide is a resource for all those interested in sourcing the best the best foodie spots in your city.

Whether you are travelling to one of our destinations, or just interested in what we do, eat and write about we hope this site helps you on your journey.

Sydney Vegan Guide started as a way to navigate vegan food back in 2016 and over the last few years (thanks to social media) has evolved into a world wide business and full time passion. With the help of you, we can change the way the world perceives veganism and continue to build upon this amazing community.

Your support means the world to us.

My own vegan journey

Hey there, I am Renee the girl behind this account.
I have been vegan since 2014, vegetarian for 3 prior. A blogger on Instagram challenged me to give it a go.

For me, It started out as a one month trial period and as I am sure many of you did, I fell in love with the diet and felt so much better for it. My energy levels were through the roof, I felt lighter and more importantly, I was conscious of what I was putting into my body.

I didn’t watch any documentaries, nor can I sit through animal cruelty videos (I am a sook). It all just made sense. For the animals, my body, my health and for the future. 

Along the way, I realised veganism was more than just a diet, but quite clearly a lifestyle. I believe you define veganism, It doesn’t define you. Your own journey to a plant based life is a process, it’s important to do whats right for you. After all, it all makes a difference. 

For me, I saw the power in social media and decided to make this not only my passion, but my job. If you can live a life that betters the world for future generations, don’t question it. Just do it.

My mission

Despite being able to collaborate with so many incredible brands, I still feel like this is the beginning of a long, but exciting road ahead. 

When discussing the benefits of a plant based life, it is important to come from a place of love and respect. We aim to share the benefits, taste and importance of plant based living. 

I feel so grateful to be able to utilise social media to not only educate, but create change. After all, our environment needs it.

A lot of people say, “I am only one person, what difference can I make”. But imagine if we had 1 million people, saying the same thing. You as a individual have the power to be the change you want to see in the world.