What works for me, may not work for you. I am a creature of habit and often don’t practice what I preach. So writing this is not only for for you, but also for me. So many people encourage physical health and well being. But what about mental health?

To me it is just important (if not more important) then obsessing over your physical appearance.

I think the first step in this conversation is allowing yourself to be vulnerable, honest and real. I really struggle to hold a genuine conversation with people who aren’t real with me. So open up… before you read this. Have a think about the last time



I recently got a new mobile phone that tracks how long I stay on my phone each day (Scary AF). My job is in social media and blogging, so I do naturally spend more time on my phone than others. But, the other day it told me I spent 7.5 hours on my phone… and that doesn’t even include my second phone. So get off it! Lock it in a draw and see if you can survive 2 hours without it.



Your body is the best, it allows us to do almost anything! So look after it. Not everyone loves running, so chuck on some 90’s bangers and GROOVE! Dancing off the day is always a fun way sweat a little. I highly recommend putting on some musicals too.
Find what works for you. Yoga, F45, crossfit or just a walk in the park. Honestly can someone tell me the last time they did a workout and regretted it? No ma’am.


If you think about what our grandma’s used to do for entertainment or fun was to do things like cook or knit. In todays society we are somewhat obsessed with “doing something”. But lets get back to basics. Grab a recipe and bake the afternoon away. I am guilty of procrastibaking (aka the act of cooking instead of doing what you should be doing).


Have you ever been at a festival and felt dirty, grubby and ready to go home? If not, it truly makes you appreciate how good showers are. And, how lucky we are to have hot running water. So take one, take your time… and try practicing some mindfulness during it. Think about the water hitting your body, and how your body feels as a result. Sometimes being is the shower is where I come up with my best ideas.


Oh gosh, this is one of my favourite! I see a psych and am very open about that. Not that I have anything “wrong” with me, but I am don’t believe you can put a price one self improvement. Having a conversation with someone who doesn’t pass judgement and is there to listen to just you is a really valuable thing.

Hope you enjoy some of my favourite ways to show myself self LURRRVVVVVVV.