Our conversation card games are born from @melbveganguide’s Spill the Beans and @sydneyveganguide’s Unpopular Opinions segments, where people tune in around the globe to share their vulnerability, stories, and secrets in a safe space. Now we’re bringing the conversations offline for you to enjoy anywhere and everywhere.


Each deck has 53 cards that act as questions and conversation prompts. Open a deck with your friends and take turns picking cards to answer. Some cards are juicy, some are serious, but all of them encourage you to leave the small talk behind and get real. 


Both our conversation card games have 53 cards to be shared with 2+ players. Shuffle the deck. One player picks a card, reads it aloud, and everyone answers.

Continue around the table, taking turns to pick cards.


I have been a lover of vulnerable conversations for as long as I can remember and I have lockdown to thank for the creation of these cards. These decks are born from segments on our pages.
In early 2021, I started a segment on @melbveganguide every Sunday where I encouraged people to Spill The Beans a segment to anonymously share secrets in a safe space with no judgement. Months on and it is our highest day of engagement, with people around the globe tuning in to share. Today it is a sponsored segment and for that, I am so grateful. 
Months on, Unpopular Opinions began on @sydneyveganguide and is hosted by our SVG rep Emily. Every Thursday you can share your unpopular opinions about whatever is on your mind in a safe space! 
After the amazing response, I wanted a way for people to bring these conversations to their lounge rooms, dinner parties, campsites and coffee dates. Now I am proud to present these conversation card games that anyone can take anywhere. 
Too often we talk about the mediocre stuff and avoid deep, meaningful conversation. To challenge and be challenged in a healthy and safe environment is incredibly valuable to me and I hope it is the same for you. I have never been more stoked to share something with you – I hope it pushes you, empowers you and makes you laugh… a LOT!
Join me on my mission to make these kinds of conversations the norm. As Brene Brown says “Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy”. Happy playing and don’t forget to tag me – I’d love to see how and where you play @renee_buckingham


We have seen first hand how amazing these decks are at getting people to open up, share, be vulnerable, and feel heard. If you’d like to spread this magic and stock our decks, get in touch with for wholesale prices. 


It’s coming up to festive season and these babies are flying out like hot-cakes, so postage may be delayed pending AusPost. We’ll always try to get the goods to you as quickly as possible, but if you have a question about your order status please contact

Recommended for ages 18+
Adult themes of addiction, sex, sexuality, and alcohol
Deck design by Asha Forsyth