Places to Take Your Friends Who Aren’t Vegan

sydney's top five

The Sydney vegan food scene is flourishing right now. Cafes are serving up vegan options that are just as good as all the originals on their menu. It’s easier than ever to eat out with friends and even impress them by showing them some groovy new places with epic vegan options. Here are our top five places to take your friends who aren’t vegan:

SOUL Dining, Surry Hills
Meet K-food culture at its finest at the new Soul Dining. This Korean Cafe and Eatery has a killer menu filled with scrumptious soul food. They’ve spiced up some of your breakfast classics in soul style, such as their smashed avo with white kimchi. The deli also sells lots of pickles, kimchi, sauces, and snacks with vegan options available so everyone will be left smiling. You better get to it!

Evolve, Wahroonga
‘Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.’ That’s the motto at Evolve and we couldn’t agree more. Their menu dares to be different and brings a twist of intrigue to Aussie classics. Falafels can be added to most meals in replacement for eggs or bacon and will leave your friends wishing they’d made the switch too. Add it to the bucket list!

Soulmate, Newtown
Rally up your best mates and book a brunch date at Soulmate. These legends haven’t been open for long but are already making waves. They’ve got a tempting all-day menu with a killer list of sides. Plus, almost half the options on the menu are vegan, like the sauteed mushrooms on toast with kale butter and pickled onions. This place is your new GO-TO!

Tempo, Terrey Hills
Can we tempt you to brunch at Tempo, a whole food, and specialty coffee café? They’re serving up comfort food at its finest and have a menu choc-a-block with delicious treats. We love the option to build our own bowls which can be customised to any vegan’s heart’s desires. Too many good choices!

Lillipad Cafe, Glebe
Eat like you’re on holiday at the wonderful Indigenous-run Lillipad Café. Their mission is to create a space where everyone feels welcome, and they have a flexible menu to match that also celebrates Indigenous flavours. All eggs and meats can be substituted with vegan options, such as their eggs benedict (yes, that means vegan poached eggs). Let’s go already!