First of all, be prepared to be overwhelmed with choice. Everywhere you go, you will find vegan options. It’s really normal in Bali and very much the “new norm”.

In all honesty, we tend to avoid the touristy areas and headed straight to Ubud and Canggu. Both of which have incredible options. Where does one even start?

P.S The below are in no particular order.



Earth Café: A really beautiful place to wind down and enjoy a meal of any cuisine. They have everything from pizzas to traditional Indonesian food.

If you are after a place to collect some tasty treats or goods, this is the place to go. They even have movie nights, where you can enjoy a raw slice and chill out. 


The favourite of the trip! Absolutely love the atmosphere, space, vibe and of course the food. Spoilt for choice, from savoury to sweet. A space to sit for hours and look over beautiful Ubud. In terms of the menu, you really cant go wrong. However we went twice and ordered the tapioca flat bread. Our theory is to always try and order something you can’t make at home.

There is PLENTY of yummy raw cakes and healthy tonics too.

Clear Café: The space is very inviting, with a real Instagram worthy vibe. If you crave healthy, raw food… this is the place for you. Plenty to choose from, including all different types of cuisines. We enjoyed a burrito and a raw pizza. P.S Yay for having wine bottles full of kombucha.

Falafel Warung: Got to get your falfel fix when on holiday! These guys know whats up. Build your own pita pocket or salad. Add a pita this and a pita that. For fresh, healthy food that’s quick, this is one to pop in.

Image by Falafel Warung

Kokolato World: Raw, healthy vegan icecream. We went here twice, it was really light and refreshing. Not Bali prices, you pay for the product but it’s a really refreshing spot to go after a big dinner.

Vegan Cooking Class: Thisis a MUST DO! For an incredibly authentic, unique experience, make sure you book this.

You’ll get to visit the local organic market and try all the fruit, then go to the organic farm where you will pick your own organic herbs and veggies. And we haven’t even gotten to the cooking yet! You will prepare, make and taste 2 starters, 3 mains and a dessert. We suggest going hungry! Amazing value and you get to walk away with all the recipes to cook back home. You can review our experience here.




GIVE: Love, love, LOVE this place. It is owned by the same people as KYND, except does things a little differently.

With a mission to change the way people eat, think & GIVE. 100% Plant based with 100% of donations going to people and places that need itmost. Delicious and affordable Indonesian food, smoothie bowls or just a really relaxing place to enjoy a coffee. We left feeling very content, grateful and reflective.

Peloton Super Shop:

A mix of different food, from healthy Buddha bowls, local cuisine to a mock meat burger, there isn’t much this place doesn’t offer. If you like to eat the rainbow, you’ll love this! We found it hard to choose, as it all just looked so good.

Take a few friends and order a spread. You won’t regret it!


Plant Cartel:

A newer kid on the block, but not one to be missed. Think American Diner (but 100% plant based). All those meals you crave when hung over, but take away the animals, fat and replace it with plant-based products. The ultimate space to take a boyfriend, dad, or friend that doesn’t believe vegan food can actually taste good. We tried a range of burgers, loaded fries, sides and shakes. Our top pick was the jackfruit chickn nuggets and the cheeseburger.


Merah Putih: Blown away with the incredible vegan options. We went here for a fancier dinner and could not fault it. The space, the service and the food were insanely good. Recommended to us by Plant Proof. The dishes are made up of vegetables, traditional cuisine and flavours. Total proof that vegetables can be incredibly satisfying and versatile. Make sure you try the tempeh pancake. Great place to order a heap and share.

The Shady Shack: If you only have a bit of time in Canggu, add this beautiful shack to the list! It offers an earthy vibe with good quality food. Plenty of snacks, raw treats and killer smoothies! Take a book and wind down in the relaxed space. Whatever you do, GET A COOKIE! Maybe 10… and bring us home some too.


Mad Pops Bali: It’s no gelato blue, but we love the atmosphere and choice of flavours. All their gelato is vegan and a vegan cone option is available to. It’s too hard to choose one flavour, so we recommend a double scope. Because…HOLIDAYS




  • Do your research!
  • Always wear a helmet 
  • Avoid high tourist areas (if thats your thing)
  • Be cautious of your possessions
  • Don’t get your money exchanged at a back alley money exchanger (we learnt the hard way)
  • Plan your foodie spots, there is a LOT!

    If you are heading to Canggu, we strongly suggest checking out LILA .