10 Animal Sanctuaries in OZ

Be Kind to Animals Week

Be Kind to Animals Week (1-7 Oct) is a time to reflect on the importance of being kind to animals. Organised by Edgar’s Mission, this week aims to demonstrate how simple changes and acts of kindness can create a better world for animals of all species.

Australia is lucky to have so many incredible sanctuaries and farms that are rescuing abused, abandoned, and neglected animals and providing them a safe, loving home. Many allow you to help out by donating, adopting, or volunteering your time and skills. Check out this list of 10 incredible animal sanctuaries around OZ.

Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary, Wollombi, NSW
Where Pigs Fly is a sanctuary dedicated to the shelter and care of farmed animals in need. They have saved over 180 rescue animals from cases of severe abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Each animal is named based on its distinctive personalities such as Bubbles the Pig or Shirley the Sheep. Visit their site to find out about attending a sanctuary tour (currently on hold), volunteering, or sponsoring a furry friend.

The Owl & The PussyCat Farm, Byron Bay, NSW
This family-run sanctuary by the sea provides a loving haven for all sorts of rescued farm animals to live out their days in peace and kindness. In addition to permanent residents, their ongoing rescue efforts include providing emergency accommodation, foster care, and rehabilitation/rehoming of neglected and unwanted beings. Click the link in their bio to see how you can help them out or plan a visit.

Little Oak Sanctuary, Canberra, ACT
Creating a compassionate world for animals is the mission at Little Oak Sanctuary. Not only do they provide refuge for animals but actively work to educate the public about issues faced by animals in Australia. Little Oak hosts regular open days, volunteering sessions, kid’s programs, and private tours. Their animal sponsorship also makes the perfect gift for any animal lover.

Plumfield Farm, Rural Victoria, VIC
Plumfield Farm was started in 2017 by the owners of the Mornington Peninsula’s first 100% vegan café and store, Wombat Cafe. Their farm is now home to over 100 rescued farm animals, including pigs, horses, chickens, and cows. When customers dine at Wombat Café & Store, their money is helping save these animals from death row. Follow their journey on their Instagram page.

Edgar’s Mission Animal Sanctuary, Lancefield, VIC
Nestled in the tranquillity of the Macedon Ranges, Edgar’s Mission is a not-for-profit sanctuary that seeks to create a humane and just world for all. Many of their animals have endured lives of misery in factory farms where they live without sunshine, freedom, or hope. There are lots of ways to help through volunteering, donating, adopting, sponsoring, or running a fundraiser. Visit their website to find out more.

Brightside Farm Sanctuary, Cygnet, TAS
Brightside Farm is a voice for the voiceless. They rescue and re-home hundreds of animals each year including about 300 rescued dogs. Brightside also educates, advocates, and campaigns for farm and companion animals, and offers both virtual and physical adoptions. Go online to meet their animals and explore other ways to support them.

Furever Farm, Rockleigh, SA
The vision at Furever Farm is simple – love and care for the rescued, and a commitment to do it against all odds. This sanctuary is home to 80 animals, sheep, goats, full-grown ‘bobby calves’, ex-racing horses, ducks, chickens, and pigs. There are lots of ways to support them such as visiting for an overnight stay, making a donation, volunteering, or purchasing animal portraits from their online store.

Greener Pastures Sanctuary, Waroona, WA
Set on 100 acres of blissful countryside, Greener Pastures is a family-run Sanctuary for animals who have been neglected, abandoned, mistreated, abused, and rescued from slaughter. It’s a place where animals get to really live and are loved just as much as any pet. Visit their page to meet the residents and find out about how you can get involved.

Mini Tails Sanctuary, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Run by the team behind Cafe Vie, Mini Tails is a sanctuary that believes every animal has a story and deserves a happy ending. They provide proper medical treatment and love to all the precious souls that come to their farm and most importantly help them find a place to call home. They have over 65 animals in residence including alpacas, donkeys, ponies, and various feathered friends. Support them by donating online or via their donation box at Cafe Vie.

Farm Animal Rescue, Dayboro, QLD
Farm Animal Rescue is creating a world of compassion through its rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming program. They show injured and unwell farm animals peace and kindness, nursing each back to health and then helping them find a forever home. They also advocate for the animals and aim to educate the community on how they can help create change. Read the stories of their animals or find out how to help on their website.