Vegan Burgers

Melbourne's Top Five

There’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a fat, juicy burger. With so many innovative burger combos to try in Melbourne, you’ll be eating burgers for days. Chomp your way through our list of Melbourne’s top five vegan burgers!

Pollys, Collingwood
Life is always better with a burger on hand. Especially when it’s from our wholesome veggie pals at Polly’s. These guys are all about good food, made with love! We could 10/10 smash one of their bean, zucchini, or tofu burgers right now! Catch them at the Tote in Collingwood or popping up at events around Melbourne.

Burger Boys, CBD
We can’t stop thinking about the Vegan Burger from Burger Boys, the kings of the Melbourne burger scene. This burger has got all the fillings you know and love – we’re talking vegan cheese, American mustard, ketchup, red onion, pickled, lettuce, and vegan mayo, plus it’s served on a toasted pumpkin bun! Oh, the things we would do for a bite.

L’Burger, Hawthorn
We know where the burgers are better…and it’s at L’Burger. Their L’Vegan Burger is bun in a million served on a toasted Pain de Mie brioche with a pea and spinach patty, grilled veg, and special vegan mayo. They’ve also got this in a rockin’ spiced version withhouse-madee jalapeno salsa! PS: Don’t forget a side of fries.

Greenburger, Collingwood
‘Bad ass, deliciously dirty burgers fries n’ shakes made from plants’ – that’s the motto here at Greenburger. These legends are serving up so many plant-based burgers, it makes it hard to pick just one! We’re talking everything from pulled plant-meat, BBQ bacon, katsu, crispy fried tenders, and smokehouse patties – all vegan. You burger believe it!

The B.East, Brunswick
One burger won’t make you fat, it’ll only increase your happiness levels. Therefore, you’ve got no excuse but to get yourself down to The B.East to try their Morrissey Burger with southern fried mock chicken and sweet corn relish! We hear their Texas Rattlesnake burger with maple facon and Texas BBQ sauce is also a winner! Extra cheese, please!